Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Joy of An Hour

After a long day of toting things and kids to and from, and getting this and that, we finally arrived home at 3:15.    Both children were falling apart, and I knew they both needed naps.    So in this gift of an hour, I have not cleaned, I have not straightened.   I haven't even put away the bags of things sitting by the front door.    I used my hour in what may seem like a waste to some, as solace to me.    

Sitting at my computer, reading and passing on good cheer in the blogoshpere.   Because even when I don't get a chance to catch up, because of children being sick, or being too busy, or having too much stuff that clutters up my life, I still love hearing how you're doing.     It was much needed quiet, and much needed connecting.   Isn't that an oxymoron?   Not anymore.   

And now, the sound of my coffee perking, is the icing on the cake.    Not to mention, the kids are still sleeping!!

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Karen P said...

i tried to talk mine into naps today, but no such luck. mine don't nap anymore so here i am at 11:14p trying to find quiet and trying to connect.

it was great to see you today. i hope you can find a few more "hours" in the following days.