Sunday, November 02, 2008

"I Should Have Been A Great Many Things..."

That's one of my favorite quotes from Little Women, (the's probably in the book, since the movie is from the book, but I'm not the best at reading books, instead I like the movies). This past week always welcomes the question, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" And so the journey began. Our daughter went from option to option, thinking diligently about each choice. She first was set on a ballerina. Then a cat. Then a dog. A mouse. Then it changed to a rock star. Then, I guess someone at preschool was going to be a hippie, so she changed her costume to a "hippie-rock-star". She chose her outfit (out of her bottom drawer) and was a brilliant hippie rock star...on Thursday.

Then, on Friday morning, she decided she would wear her Belle costume so that she could be Belle for Halloween. My mom-in-law came and we had fun curling hair and doing make up and then hit the mall for a couple hours. She loved parading around getting oohs and ahhs from people and looking like a little princess. Then about half way through Friday, the costume was too itchy, and out the window went the Belle idea.

In the bathroom at the mall, she said very seriously,

"I know what I want to be for Halloween, Mommy." I acted surprised for the nth time, and said, "What?" Then she smiled widely, and said, "Me!" To which, I was so happy to hear. I smiled back, and said "That's the best thing you could ever be!" Of course, I was thinking, I'm not sure how we'll get candy out of that one, but we'll work on it.

So, the evening came, and we were back to ballerina. A beautiful ballerina. Asher was easy. He was a fighter pilot. The cutest one I've ever seen.

River and JC before trick or treating


Kari said...

So, you know how you will be going through something and a person will quote a Bible verse at you? One of my friends calls that being "Bible Ass-Man." You're not really caring or being sympathetic or even listening. You're just quoting verses at people. Because you can.

Well, I am here to be Literary Ass-Woman. That line is not in the book. I am telling you because I can. hehe. (The movie brought out a lot more feminism than the book does, including that scene.)

melissa said...

i guess you're glad i didn't go on and on how i hope that river is like joe march, then, huh? haha.

Kari said...

There is much to admire about Josephine March. Just, uh, not that particular scene.

Nichole said...

Yeah, I read the book to and didn't remember that quote so I am glad Kari clarified. I love to read books but will honestly tell you with this book the first several chapters were painfully slllllllllllooooooooooowwwwwwww!