Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Secrets of a Sassy...Hats!!

Now is the time to wear your hats! They're so cute, and they give you such a fun look. I love how hats frame your face. Not to mention that I love how you can get away with a bad hair day and still look great!

Here are some that are hot right now.

Here are some that will never be out of style.

Here are ones that are great for snow and also super cute!

So there ya have it - or there ya hat it. Whichever you'd prefer...but just like those boots, just put them on! People say all the time, "I don't look good in hats." But it's such a lie! You just have to find WHICH type of hat looks good on you. So, find one right for you, and wear it! And don't think that your grandmother or mom doesn't have one that would suit, too - go search through their old things, and find yourself a newsboy cap or vintage wool hat that will still be great today!


Sarah said...

I love hats- and so does LeGrande. He wears them as much as he can, which I think is very cool for a guy! He was wearing one the other day and an older lady came up to him and said, "Woo-wee chile', I love to see me a man in a hat! Mmmm" MMMMM, I say too!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

I love hats... on other people! I do need to find one for ME... they tend to look better on girls with short hair. I felt so bad when I went to court a few months ago, a woman was in the courtroom with me wearing this CUTE trendy hat but forgot that you cannot wear hats in court... oh boy, I was so embarrased for her when she had to take it off and her hair was all flat and she had a big red line on her forehead... that would totally happen to me, I know it.

Kari said...

I like hats. But not newsboy hats. I am opposed to them.

Ainsley said...

I do love hats. I have to force myself not to wear one everday.=)

melissa said...

i'm so glad you ALL love hats! something we can all agree on! ;)