Friday, August 01, 2008

Fashion Faux Pas...Or Not?

so i'm up late, am really hungry for some reason (even though i've already had dinner and 2 desserts), so I'm blogging instead of bee-lining it to that freezer for some Breyers coffee ice cream.      yummm....

ok, so not doing that.    right. 

the other day on our trip home from pennsylvania i saw something interesting (besides the rascal flatt semi) that had me thinking.    i was waiting in the car at starbucks before the baby woke up which FORCED me to go in and enjoy the atmosphere with my hubby and daughter.    and as i was people watching (one of my many favorite things to do) i noticed this mom and daughter get out of their car and go inside.

the girl was probably college age, getting ready to get settled into her dorm room or apartment at JMU, or maybe just a high schooler out with her mom.    she was in cute casual sweats, nothing fancy, but you know, youthful.    and her mom was in the everyday "mom" clothes - khaki pleated capris, floral button down, comfy sandals.     but i had the thought, and please don't hate me for thinking this...

"i hope i don't dress like that when i'm her age."   

isn't that awful!!??    but the thing that got me, was that, it wasn't this awful outfit - i mean, i have capris and button downs and...well...flip flops - not sandals...but my point was that she just needed a few things to help her out!    she needed her daughter to say,

"Here, Mom, wear this tank instead.   And put this bracelet on."    And she would have been as cute as pie!!

I went inside and made River (my 4 year old daughter) to promise me to not ever let me get in a rut of a clothes style where i limit it to the same thing every day.   and if i start looking drab, frumpy, and boring, to TAKE ME SHOPPING!     

one thing that has always encouraged me about being a mom, is that i can still be me - fun, youthful, sometimes trendy, but moreso, just cute (if i can be so bold) with my clothes and accessories, as to not grow into the typical "mom" look.   just because we're a little bit older doesn't mean we have to stop being cute!!    i've even had younger girls say to me that it encourages them that when they get older, they don't have to stop being cool and cute, just because they're a mom now.    now, let me tell you, i'm definitely no jessica simpson, haha, that makes me laugh just writing it.    there are many times that i'm in a t-shirt and jeans.   but usually i'll still have on my big sunglasses, hoop earrings, and flip flops.    i really like looking fun and stylish.    hate me?    maybe.    but wait....

i'm wondering if you all would be interested in tips.   i mean, maybe you've got it all down, and you love your style, and don't need any help at all.    but if you're like my sis, you might really like it.   i love taking my sister shopping, teaching her a little about what looks good on her, what is definitely a NO, and then going through her closet and saying things like, 

"Carrie, seriously?    Come on, this was out when we were in high school."  (actually if that were the case, it would probably be back in style now).    now, she can handle me saying things like that because i'm her sister and she has to love and accept me no matter what.    (haha.  don't you wish you were her?!)  but I would not typically say that to just anybody.    but I could definitely say it here!    when I don't have to see that i'm possibly offending you!    ;)  

now, i'm not saying you can't wear your classics, because i'm also all about looking classy.  and knowing your style.    but i'm just saying, sometimes we need a little lift to our look.   just like a room of our house.   sometimes it can get kind of stale and boring, and we just need to add some new pictures, or a new fun chair, or switch out some pillows, and pull in some fresh flowers!       same goes for our closets!

i love going to sale racks and picking out the cheap things that can really add something to an outfit, or getting a steal on clearance shoes at Target that you normally wouldn't get, or grabbing a $1 bracelet at Salvation Army to make an outfit a little more funky.   so what do you think - if there were a weekly tip on fashion and accessories, would it be helpful?   or offensive? or you don't know until you see it?   or, melissa, you're exhausted and not thinking clearly... but wait...look at all these cute things.  ;)


Caroline said...

I would so be up for a weekly fashion tip. I always thought you and Diane looked so cute. I can only aspire to that level of cuteness with my dress. I did however go shopping at ATL the other day and gave my summer wardrobe a shot in the arm. I'd love some accessory tips, that's where I struggle.

living life said...

i love your post girl..i think most women think this and you have not fallen off the fashion train, you are a cute and fun dressed mom. but yeah someone tell me if i'm wearing "old women shoes" or something frumpy b/c i will be a new mom soon and refuse to all the sudden "look" like a mom. thanks girl!

Mabry's gamma said...

I am not a new mom or even a young mom but a new gamma and I still want to look stylish and not embarrass my girls. I like when I buy something different and they compliment me.

I do think it is hard for a person (at least speaking for myself) to know what you look good in and what other people think when they see you in something.

Like you, I like to watch people and it seems so much easier to say looking at someone else, "now if they wore such and such how cute and flattering would that be, " but so difficult for ourselves.

I would so appreciate fashion tips.

carrie said...

That sounds great! As long as you don't give me a bathing suit skirt or a pajama top and not tell me what it's for...until you see me wearing it in public!

Jenny said...

yes, i'd love the advice! there are lots of cute trends here in la paz, so i'd like to know how to dress a little more funky. you are a very cute, stylish mom. and a frugal one at that! :)