Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Secrets of a Sassy..."

Tis the season...for plaid!

A friend of mine were talking the other day about how plaid comes back in every fall. And it's so true...the school girl plaid skirts, the cute plaid blazers, the list goes on and on. But now more than ever, plaid is taking the stage. Think I'm joking? Check out Ralph Lauren Runway...

Now, I'm not saying go overboard...but it is pretty easy to find something laying around with those big squares. Layer it with another shirt, or wear it under a open jacket, and it will definitely give a little boost of fashion. Even if it's old, you could probably find a new use, which is always fun. (i.e. tear your husband's old flannel shirt into a cute sash to wear!) Or hit the Goodwill and get an old blazer, and wear with some jeans and heels, and you're sure to get a few compliments. If it has big old shoulder pads in it, just cut them out! After all, you're only paying a couple bucks!

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Sara said...

plaid is totally one of my favorite patterns to wear...i completely agree.