Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Secrets...My Two Secret Weapons

As my little ones are playing wildly in the background, I'm going to attempt to post a secrets. I have don't have a lot to say today. Just 4 words.

Big earrings. Big sunglasses.

Now, I know this can be controversial, but I am a strong believer of wearing big sunglasses even when it's cloudy out. And big earrings can make me feel like I just put on a pair of heels. Except on my ears. But not exactly, because they don't hurt. You know what I mean.

They dress you up a little, but not too much. They just give you a little pick up to your outfit, that says, I'm no superstar, but I have time to still look cute.

You are entitled to your opinion - sometimes, yes, if outrageously big, sometimes they can look a bit silly. Even on those hollywood moms. But for the most part, I absolutely LOVE big sunglasses and big earrings. Another great thing, is that usually you can find the glasses at the Dollar Tree!


Caroline said...

I just broke down and got me some big sunglasses at Wally World the other day. I came home and showed them to the man and he scoffed at them. Imagine that? I happen to like them and they are much bigger than would normally be in my comfort zone, but they're "growing" on me.

Homestic Affairs said...

I'm ALL for the big sunglasses. The big earrings, however, are a bit dangerous for "everyday" when ya got a crazy one year old.