Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Update

Whew, I feel like I've been away for a while! I've been here, but just away from the computer. We had a wonderful shower here yesterday for one of my dear friends, and then a show last night, with lots of other Crafty Craftersons. Which was also really great. I love getting together with other crafty people, to soak in their genius and enjoy their creations. Not to mention to get ideas of things I could copy and make! Of course, me being the nerd I am, didn't get any pictures.

You were so right - the biggest hits were definitely the shell jewelry, the tutus, and the aprons. I've GOT to get my etsy shop up to date. I mean, it's just pitiful how behind I am. However, after many nights of 4 and 5 hours of sleep and not much time with my hubby, I'm proud to say, I came home last night, showered, snuggled, and fell asleep by 10pm. Hooray for sleep!!!

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Amy Sasser said...

YAH! I am so glad you went to bed early...well, early for you. :)Everything was PERFECT yesterday!