Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Secrets...Not so Sassy

So how's this for a sassy mama? I woke up at 6am, and got dressed for aerobics. T-shirt, sweat pants, tennis shoes. Hair back in some hot pink polka dotted headband, that didn't even match with my gray and red t-shirt. No earrings, no cute hoodie, you get the picture.

Didn't get the chance to change all day. Much less shower. So, right before going to my sister's for dinner I threw on some jeans and flip flops just so I could look a little better. Stress the "little". But my point?

Jeans and flip flops are one of my all time favorite outfit. I get sad when it's so cold that I can't wear my flops with my jeans. Because, even if my toenails aren't painted, and even if my jeans are all that great, I think it's still cute. My husband agrees. It's probably his favorite outfit that I could be in. T-shirt, jeans, and flip flops. (And I did grab my silver hoops, in case you were wondering.)

So, not so sassy, but I think overall, jeans and flops are always cute, youthful, and fun.


Emilie Nichole said...

I love the look... love it... but I have this weird thing about bare feet/flip flops and if a speck of dirt gets on my feet I freak out... I am so weird! I DO have LOTS of flip flops and I wear them a lot but I could totally live in socks 24/7!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

me too. i'm really going to miss my flip flops this winter.

Teesa and Bill said...

I'm with you - I love my flops and an old pair of tattered jeans.

I wrote you an email about a week and a half ago. Did you get it? I'd love to chat via the phone some time - let me know and I'll re-send my info.


kelly said...

a woman after my own heart. that definitely is the best question.