Sunday, July 05, 2009

Heeding the Battle Call

This week about 25 kids from our neighborhood are headed to camp. These kids are smart, sweet, and beautiful, but also are from at risk environments, and know how cruel life can be. I had wanted to be one of the counselors this week, but God made it clear that it wasn't going to be possible. Camp is a time of fun, but also a time of retreat. A place where these kids can let down their guard, and just feel. Feel joy. Feel pain. And the way that they connect with God and each other, allows them to draw near to Him, in a way that doesn't happen every day.

Today as we prayed for the leaders at church, I felt the Lord leading me to still consider myself a part of the team, but as an intercessor. As someone thinking and praying for them here, and lifting them up before the Lord each day. So as I sat down to post about the Fourth of July, and our fun time this weekend with friends and family, my heart was burdened for these precious kids. Who don't even get to be kids for very much of their lives. Their freedom does not come so easy, which makes me want to fight for it that much harder.

Fireworks or gunshots,
Who can tell?
There's much to feel
And a need to be real.

I want to write life, peace, and joy
But the honest truth is that there's
Much more to the story.

The truth isn't always pretty
Isn't always neat.
And justice is waiting
To be found in the streets

As fear sets in,
And the enemy draws near
I pray that tonight you will sleep
And know that there is a path made clear.

For your Father above
Is watching all the while
And even though it seems He's far
His hand is quick to love.

Come close dear ones,
Draw neigh this night
And know His promises
For you are held tight.

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