Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Jumping In

Last night after dinner, my hubs, the kids and I went out on the front porch with our ice cream cones.    As we were enjoying our dessert, my husband prompted the simple question to the family, "What does it look like to
trust God?"

Our oldest started shouting out things like, "praying!...love!... joy!" in search of the "right" answer.     Our son went along eating till his ice cream cone fell face down...the original reason why we went out to the porch.

Randy went on and asked when the kids jumped to us from the side of the pool if they thought we would drop them.   River shouted out an emphatic "NO!"   Exactly.   

I love the relentless trust that our little ones have when the spring from the side of the pool, straight into our arms.    They don't hesitate.   They don't doubt.    They simply jump in.  

I believe if we fully knew how much we could trust Him, we would jump.   We would jump in total abandonment and even in freedom.    We would let Him catch us.   Even if we didn't know where we would land or how we would get there...we would jump.     That would be my prayer for us today.   That we would have the faith of a little child and jump.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder. How often do I cling to the edge of the pool in fear? Thank you for sharing this today!

Get Real Girl said...

Thank you for posting. I think I will ask my oldest this same question. And I need to ponder it myself.

emily said...

great shot of the jumping! and of course, great words and heart to go with it. miss you.

Dawn said...

i love this picture you have painted with your words... i would surely want to jump into His arms!

deb said...

you read my mind today. Your family is blessed to have you waiting with open arms.

Bee said...

Well said. Makes me wonder why I'm so afraid to jump sometimes. I mean, if He's there to catch me, what do I have to fear? And He said He would be there for us, didn't He?

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

Mmmm. Lots of food for thought in this post--thank you. :)

~ Sarah

Kim said...

Thanks for your sweet words. I am real good at giving lip service to saying I am fully trusting God, but know I sometimes hang on after I've said I've let go. Love the jumping shot!