Thursday, July 02, 2009

Yard Sale Drama

I've been trying all week to get to my computer to tell you about last weekend's yard saling! I went at the request of my sister, who had several things in mind. I was hoping that we could find a few things, but knew that it would be a stretch to find exactly what we were looking for. But, we also had yard sale drama that I couldn't wait to tell you about. I know you all think that every time I go yard saling, everything goes completely perfect without any problems. But that's not always the case.

My sister, like the organized person she is, looked online and found all the yard sales in her zip code. She entered the addresses into her GPS so that we would have no trouble finding them. If you know my yard sale technique, this is totally not my style. I was almost jumping out the window to follow the neon signs that she sped past while sticking strictly to the instructions that the GPS girl was giving her.

Randy has been renovating her kitchen, and so she was hoping to find some fun things to spruce it up, without having to spend a fortune on the accessories. With having a budget of $40, here was her list:
-pot rack
-kitchen accessories
-fabric for kitchen

I know you're she crazy?! $40?? A POT RACK?? That's what I was thinking, too. But I kept my mouth closed, and went along to see what we could find. We started out and at first didn't see much. But after looking a little more, we stumbled upon a pair of red candle sconces. I had already told her that having some pops of red would definitely dress up her dining room and kitchen. After thinking of where they could go, we bought the pair for $3.

We went on to another, and were excited that it was in a nicer neighborhood. As we walked around, we noticed that the lady had some high prices. But of course, we were willing to barter. My sis found a set of white bowls, which had a price tag of $8 for the set. We asked the lady if she would take $5 for the set, to which she agreed. Then, she asked if we had seen any clothes that would work for us...clothes that her daughter had put in the yard sale. We had seen the clothes, but had seen her prices at $4 a pair of jeans, and $3 for shirts, and had thought..."naahh." But at her persistance, we decided to take another look.

We found a few cute tops from Holister and a pair of fun designer jeans. We made our pile, and decided we would make an offer. This is how it went.

Sister: We found a few things and wanted to make you an offer.

Yard Sale Lady: (slow and hesitant) Ohh...kay...

Sister: We were thinking all of this for $10.

YSL: (disgruntled) Well...this one shirt costed $

Sister: Yes....but...this is a yard sale.

Y'all. Oh my gosh. I almost couldn't stand there, I was about to die laughing. Here I had been thinking it, but then my sister just came out and said it. The lady looked like her eyes were about to burst. So then, this is what happened.

YSL: (shaking her head in disapproval) I guess...

Sister and I: Thank you.

YSL: You're welcome...I guess.

I AM SO SERIOUS, Y'ALL. She really said that!! I couldn't believe it. I was so aghast!! So, then I decided to try to explain it to her a little bit. Obviously, she was not the usual yard sale hosts.

Me: I just don't think you're going to get $4 for a pair of jeans. I mean, it's a yard sale. People aren't going to pay for each item at those prices.

YSL: (ignoring me, and turning around)

So, we left, and I ranted for about 5 more minutes. And then again to my husband. And to my sister in law. And some more with my sister as we've been wearing her items this week. But I think I'm over it now.

Have you ever had an experience like this at a yard sale? I know some of you are scared to death that something like this might happen, thus the reason you avoid them at all costs! But, most of the time, people are not like that. I actually, in all my yard sales, have never had quite an experience quite like that before.

We continued on...and at the next yard sale, guess what we found?

A brand the box...copper....POT RACK...for $15!!!! Yes. The man hosting this one was an elderly man who you could tell was having a hard time parting with all of his collections from over the years. We talked with him a little about his things. And then we found some fun vintage Ball jars to use as canisters in her new kitchen. Our grandmother always had them on her counter filled with rice and noodles, so we both loved them! I think he took $6 for the set of 3.

We had a blast, and decided that even though the lady was snooty, that she just didn't know about yard sales. But that the sweet old man at the last one definitely made up for her snootieness! It was a fun morning full of adversity and adventure...and never a dull moment!!

I can't wait to show you pictures of her kitchen all dolled up, but that will be another post!


Kari said...

That is not actually why I avoid yard sales. But let's just say it is.

I was running a couple of weeks ago and there was a yard sale in my neighborhood so I stopped and looked. It was all junk. I just don't understand how you find stuff.

Jo@Mylestones said...

I too am in awe at how you find stuff in yard sales. I've never had much luck, but then again, I'm not as committed as to program my GPS with all the potential sales in my zipcode. :-)

Caroline said...

I'm with Kari. I can never find treasures at yard sales. In fact, I need to have one so you should bring your booty on down to Asheboro - it might be worth your while...and I won't be snooty.

I'm not a yard sale pro but I did learn from the first time not to put price tags on things - it seemed to keep people at a distance and I'd just rather make up something as I go along and work with them. I'll let you know how it goes.