Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too Smart For Your Own Good

As we were driving back from vacation today, I was thinking about when I was younger. Maybe it was because I was with kids that are at stages where I used to know the stages where you think you know everything? They aren't necessarily rude about it...they just are so sure that what they think is the solid truth. And there's just no sense in arguing with them. I have to laugh when I think of the things I used to believe. Just to allow you laugh at my expense for a few minutes I'll share some of my pre-teen wisdom.

~ I used to think that after having your first wedding ring(s) for a while (probably about 10 years), you got to trade them in on better and bigger rings. You know, kind of like an upgrade on an old car. Too bad that one's not 10th is right around the corner!

~ I remember telling my dad in all seriousness that the New Kids on the Block were going to be the "next Beatles". I can still remember the way he chuckled about that one. After all, I had heard it on the radio so it HAD to be true...right?

~ I went through this very sad, and very confused time in middle school where I actually was a duke fan. Yes, I had to type that in lower case letters...I can't believe that it ever happened. It was PEER PRESSURE I tell you! I can't be held responsible for my ignorance. ;) (Or for thinking that Christian Laettner was cuter than Eric Montross.) It wasn't long before I realized the brainwashing I had undergone, and regained my Tarheel stance. ughh...the shame on that one. Oh, and btw, I stood right behind Eric Montross in line at a grocery store a few years back, and I totally changed my former belief about him, too. Don't worry, I was with my husband!

~ Guns and Roses were the best band EVER, and I had the posters to prove it.

~ My favorite car was a red convertible, and I thought I might get one when I turned 16!! I was so realistic.

~ I thought that I was smarter than my parents, and that there was nothing new that I could learn.

Oh, the joys of being young. I'm so glad that I know more now than I knew then, and that there's still so much that we all have to learn. What are some of your pre-teen and teenage follies? Or were you too smart for your own good? haha.


Kari said...

Your duke confession made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Judy said...

I'm getting ready to "retire" my wedding bands. We're hitting our 20th anniversary in a couple of years, and we've decided to mark the occasion with anniversary bands. I'll still have my wedding ring, but my fingers have shrunk so much that they don't fit well at all, and resizing isn't easy with this set. My husband and I really want one of our boys to use the rings if they choose to when they marry, and since his band is not the original anyway (the first one broke - maybe we should have taken that as a sign? HAHA), we figured we'd just get new bands. Looking at James Avery...

Nichole said...

I can't think of any as a teenager (because I really did know it all)but as a kid I have a couple. I thought when it rained it rained on the whole earth. And when I did not come home when the street lights came on like my mom told me, I'd say "But mom, it gets darker on the other side of the neighborhood later!"

Hopefull said...

I totally thought I would travel everywhere I wanted to - not ever thinking about travel money and time off work would be issues

I thought two-story houses were WAY better than one-story - just because.

I thought Johnny Depp was the cutest thing ever - oh wait, he still is :)

I thought if I gave everyone a copy of the "Four Spiritual Laws" tract they would become a Christian. If it was only so simple :)

I thought 4 years of college! That is, like, FOREVER!!!