Friday, July 17, 2009

Changes in Attitudes

A lot has changed around here recently.    It's been fun changes, but it's left me with little to no time to be in front of the computer.    I've missed typing and chatting, looking and learning.    Recently, I've been given the opportunity to actually do what I went to school for...imagine that...using my degree!!     Scheduling around my husband's work schedule has been a little tricky, but I've remembered a whole side of me that I hadn't seen for a while.    Kind of like when you see a friend that you haven't seen for years, and when you see them, you realize how much you've missed them.     All this to announce, that Rekoncile Design is officially open for Marketing Direction & Events Coordinating.    And, an even more amazing gift, is that I've actually started doing Interior Decorating more with our company, which is a dream come true!

Another change, that isn't so recent, is our van.    I haven't told that story here, but it has totally changed our lives!    Remember when I said I was going crazy without one, and we were praying for one?      Well, not too long after that, a family at church had this fairly used, but only few years old, van that they were selling.   Basically, they said we could have it, and pay as we could.    I mean, when does that happen in today's world???    It's meant that I am fully in a mom mobile, but like I said to a friend yesterday, it's so great having the space, I don't even care.    My ideas of never being the mom with the minivan has gone right out the window, and I'm so glad!    

And finally, the last thing that's about be changing, is that my little girl is starting Kindergarten.  You know how a couple months ago, I was completely unsure what in the world we would be doing for her come this fall?     In April, the answer came in a thin envelope.   In the few moments while opening it, I braced myself for the future that I was waiting to for.    I knew that if she hadn't gotten into the magnet school, that we would have to choose whether to home school or send her to the school in our district that does not have a very promising environment.    I knew God was in control, and that we could trust Him.   But somehow, I thought for sure, it would be a hard decision.    We held our breath and opened the letter.   As I frantically scanned it for any answer I saw the top line in bold, "Magnet Acceptance Letter".    I started crying, of course.     So in just about a month, River will be attending a wonderful Spanish Immersion School that is only about a mile from our house, learning another language, and loving every minute of it.

I think somewhere in the back of my mind, I have believed a lie that says, "You will always have a hard life.   A life of suffering."    It's subtle, but nevertheless there.    So when these things just "happen", it's like I can't believe that God would be so kind.     All along, I've known that He wants good things for me, but that I will only know His goodness through hard things, and suffering.   That I'm just not a person who has these blessings fall in their lap.   Slowly, He is melting that lie away.   And in the places of stillness, He is saying over and over again, "I love you, I'm taking care of you."    It's a truth that I think I believe, but it's becoming more and more of a reality to my heart. 


Suzanne said...

Great Post Melissa. God is faithful and it delights Him to bless you.:)

Please post pictures of your recent interior design projects.

See you tonight at VBS.

Nichole said...

Awww, sweet Melissa, how wonderful to read this post! I rejoice with you in this! You are so creative and I look forward to seeing you do what you love!

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you.
grannie annie

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

blessings on your ventures! great to hear some very positive things are going on in your life :)


deb said...

so happy for you, just waking up, "visiting " a bit,
and loved reading this.

Sarah said...

Yeah, Melissa! I am so happy for River!

And...I can totally relate to the unbelief in God's goodness. He is so good to blow those ideas away with His tenderness, isn't He?