Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Best Day Trip!

I know if you live around the Piedmont Area, you probably have heard of Homeland Creamery. They are family owned and operated dairy farm located in Julian, NC. We have been learning a lot about farm animals this month, and so I thought it would be a great field trip to take with them. It was sooo fun! And let me say, WHAT A DEAL!!! For $18 (under 2 are free - $6 a person) Randy, River, Asher, Madison, and I got to enjoy...

livestock menagerie of turkeys, sheep, chickens, cows, cats, and dogs.

getting to "milk" a simulated cow.

the joy of petting and feeding a week old calf.

a hay ride tour of the farm (sorry i don't have a picture of that - i had a baby on my lap)

the yummiest homemade vanilla ice cream i've ever had!

It was a really sweet time, and enabled the kids to see first hand what it's like on a farm! Plus, that ice cream really was excellent! If you're local, I'd definitely make this a family outing!

Got Milk?


Mabry's Gamma said...

How cute the kids look and what a wonderful outing.

Too bad there aren't more farms out there for kids to visit, development keeps trying to squeeze my mother in-laws beef cattle farm out for progress, but she is sticking to her guns.

Homemade ice cream yummy. The only other ice cream that was probably as good is The Creamery on the Penn State main campus if you ever get to State College, PA, go try it.

Caroline said...

That looks like so much fun. You've inspired me to start a list of places to go with Wesley and as a family. I'll have to remember this place since its not too far.

Beth said...

They make the BEST double chocolate ice cream in the world. We take all our out of town guest down there just to taste it!!

Lu said...

Looks like fun! Too long of a trip for us... 4 hrs, but gotta find one of these around our area!