Monday, August 04, 2008

Finding Common Ground in Nashville

The last few days have been long ones as my sweet husband has been working long, long days. 12-15 hour days. Trying to get some projects finished up. Now I know for some of you, this might be your normal life. You might spend many evenings putting your little ones to bed on your own, and then sit down to watch some TV. But usually that's not how our nights go.
So tonight, I'm home alone again. And there's been this yummy homemade apple pie staring at me all day. I sliced a piece of apple pie, and then that one looked too small. So I sliced another one (it was small) and warmed them up to enjoy to the maximum potential - my sweetie disagrees with me on this - he thinks it's best to eat apple pie cold. COLD! My goal is always to enjoy it as if it just came out of the oven.

Then I sat down at our tv, which I really seldom do. And began flipping through the channels having no idea what would be on.

10 minutes later I find myself, tears rolling down my face, an empty plate on my lap, and feet reclined on the coffee table (aka toy chest). I almost roll my eyes at myself. I mean, how can you sit down and immediately feel such empathy and celebration for another person. Someone I've never even seen before. Or heard her name or anything.

Maybe it's because she was a mother of small children. And they were all being held with her husband while cheering her on. Maybe it was the way she belted out a song probably not in her best voice ever, because of holding back all the tears. Maybe it's because I know it took a lot of courage to step down a path that could totally lead to rejection and hurt. Knowing that it could all go wrong. But it didn't. And that's why I cried.

I'm such a softy. Don't tell anyone. ;)


Sarah said...

Thanks for the compliments on our house, Melissa! We have worked hard and I'm proud of it too! Too bad I have to go back to work in a few weeks. I love your kitchen table! Randy made it? Wow! He and LG could do some amazing stuff if they ever teamed up! Don't you love having a handy hub?

Lu said...

Hee hee! Yeah... we women like connection when we watch tv!