Thursday, August 07, 2008

We've Come A Long Way, Baby

Today's our anniversary. NINE YEARS! I can't wait, because we're going away for a night together this weekend, but that's not till tomorrow. My man knows me well, and knows how I love to celebrate. So, it started at 12:01am this morning. He came over to me where I was on the couch and kissed me and said, "Happy Anniversary, Baby. It's 12:01." And then this morning when I first woke up and went into the bathroom, he said it again, and gave me a big hug. Then I walked into the kitchen and found these fun surprises.

He said, in his sweet sexy morning voice, "I wanted to make sure we celebrated a little on our actual day." And I'm left all weak in the knees with a big 'ol smile across my face.

Now, nine years ago, this would have been the scenario. I would have woke up wanting to hear those sweet words or see the flowers that he had secretly gotten and placed in a vase on the table, but would not have said anything about it. Then, I would have been kind of sad and disappointed that he hadn't done that. But, of course I wouldn't want to make him feel bad for NOT doing that, and so, again, would have not said anything. Then by the end of the day, if there were no plans to eat out or do anything special (mind you, we would have done that when we "celebrated over the weekend") I would have acted mad about something and gotten kind of quiet and irritated. And that would hopefully lead to him finally asking, "Baby, are you doing okay?" And then I would have burst into tears saying something like, "I know we're celebrating our anniversary this weekend, but it doesn't even feel like it's today!" I would look up and find a blank look of utter confusion.

We've come a long way in nine years. I can't believe it's been 9 years since I first knew how wonderful marriage to my husband would be. Nine years since I wore my long flowing white silk dress, nine years since I saw a tear in my dad's eye when he first laid eyes on me, nine years since I walked that long aisle, nine years from when I saw my sweet mama sitting on the front row like a little girl ready to open Christmas presents. Nine years since I said the words "I do." Nine years filled with tremendous joy and tremendous sorrow. Nine years filled with changes and challenges. Nine years of figuring out how to lay down our own pride and to love with Christ's love. Nine years of life....abundant life.

I remember one of our pastors said to Randy just before we got married, "If I had known how wonderful marriage would be, I wouldn't have been so scared!"

And it has been wonderful. But there have also been valleys that we have walked through, and valleys that I know the Lord carried us through to bring us this far. Without His grace and love, we would not be in the place where we are now. We both feel more in love now than ever. We both still can't wait to get to see each other at the end of the day. We love sitting and catching up after the kids go down. We love being able to care for our children together. We love living this life together. I'm so thankful to have been blessed with nine years. And even though I love seeing wedding gowns and cakes, and beautiful wedding pictures, and sometimes I even say, "I want to get married again!" But, really, I'm so glad to be where we are now.


Kari said...

Happy anniversary! I wasn't thinking of it when I talked to you earlier. :)

Mabry's gamma said...

Happy Nine Year Anniversary! Have a great weekend with your husband.

Ainsley said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have such a fun and special time with Randy.

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary....that was simply beautiful!

Sarah said...

Happy 9th! What a beautiful post in tribute to your marriage and the honesty you shared in how you've grown. I hope the next year brings you deeper and closer!

Jenny said...

happy 9 years! what a beautiful love story for a beautiful couple.

Melissa said...

My husband and I celebrated 9 years in May. As I was reading your post I related to it because I would have been the same way you were nine years ago when nothing happened on the actual day!! Congratulations on 9 years of marriage! May the Lord bless you with many more happy years!!

kristin said...

I loved what you wrote about your marriage. It brought tears to my eyes. I can only pray that one day God will bless me with a partner I can still get weak in the knees for.
Many blessings,