Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Weekly Wednesday...

Ok, so a name...i have to have a name for these posts. Anyone who comes up with a fun "fashion" weekly tip name, will get a free sash. Which leads me to my weekly tip.

Tie on a Sash!!

Sashes are very fashionable and make excellent accessories. The best part? They're cheap! There is really no "wrong" way to wear them right now, which makes it fun to be creative. And you can pick them up anywhere, from department stores to Goodwill. Don't see one you like? Go by your local fabric store (or Walmart) and pick out a 1/4 a yard of some fabric you like. Once you tie it on, chances are you won't see the edges.

Just look at all the different ways you can use them -

-Make them into belts to add a fun accent to an outfit. Cute on dresses, long tops, pants, or jeans! Just tie into a simple knot on the side, or with dresses, make a wider sash and tie into a bow the back.
-Tie them around your neck to add a little business class to your style.
-With longer ones you can do the elegant ties that are now pretty trendy with blouses. (Look here for the look I'm talking about.)
-Tie it around your ponytail.
-Tie it around your purse.
- And my personal favorite is to put it in my hair. Turn your head upside down, pull it tightly onto your forehead, tie it at the nape of your neck (comfortably tight) and flip your head right side up. I love doing this when I'm tired of my regular hair look (plain old pony tail, or just having a not so good hair day.) It's fun with your hair down or back. It gives a little different look each way.

Ok, so what if you don't know how to tie a sash? You will after seeing this!

So go get all tied up! It definitely adds a fun little boost to your outfit, whichever way you tie it. ;)


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

So glad you mentioned the hair. I need to start doing that to add some "fun."

Suzanne said...

The video was so informative it left me baffled :)

I'm looking forward to your fashion tip a week! YEA

I'm trying to think real hard for a fun name for you so I can get a sash :)

Wacky Wed. is what the middle school at grace has on Wed. in the Summer. I thought at first that was what your blog was about. :)

melissa said...

see how tricky i am, suz? ;) i just wanted to lock you in. haha.

Ainsley said...

Fashion is the Fazizzle
Brains on Beauty
Sassy Source
Secrets of Sassy Mama

Just brainstorming...

melissa said...

ooohhh, secrets of sassy mama is very cute! ains, it looks like that sash will be coming your way. i'll wait maybe another day or so to "close" the contest.

Kari said...

What if I wear a tie over my t-shirt? Like Avril? Would that be okay? What if I make a skirt out of ties and wear that? I might need some fashion assistance.

Ainsley said...