Friday, August 29, 2008

The Little Things in Life

If you can't see, the thing my daughter is holding inches, no centimeters from her face is a cicada shell. She was so excited to find it on outside the other day, and brought it in to give it a home. Even though the cicada's not really there - it's just his old dead shell.

When I was little I lived out in the middle of nowhere. Anyone ever heard of Grimesland, NC?Yeah, didn't think so. Unless you're already from that area, you wouldn't even know you were driving through it. But we loved it. We lived on a little bit of land that backed up to the Tar River. My days when I was River's age were not spent inside looking at DVDs or computer screens. They were spent digging in the mud, romping with dogs, riding horses, chasing my cats, and loving every minute of the outdoors. So, it's neat to see that even though we live in the middle of the city, far away from those country roads, she's not too far from where I was then. Collecting cicadas and digging in the dirt.


Karen P said...

Hi Melissa,

I understand - I'm from Norwood, NC. We spent days at either of my grandparents farms, fishing, or in our "clubhouse" - which was a small clearing in the woods - where "Indians must have lived". I am thrilled when I see my boys in Grandma's garden and they fight over riding on the tractor with Papa(the stuff I took for granted). The simple things are still the best!

Caroline said...

Cicadas - the sound of heat. One jumped in front of me on a walk the other day and I about jumped out of my skin. They are icky. I'm glad that cicada jumped out of his skin before River brought him home!

Jenny said...

of course...good ol' grimesland, nc on the way to the river! :) i'm glad you all are getting to explore nature some even in a big city. amen sister...the simple things in life are the best!

Sara said...

river is so pretty, just like her mama