Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Secrets of a Sassy Mama: "Back to School" Shopping

I always get excited about clothes in the Fall. Growing up, my parents would let me go "back to school clothes shopping", and I couldn't wait to see how much I could get with my allowed budget. It was always so fun to see new styles, and to be able to pick out new items. Even then, I loved putting outfits together. It must have stuck, because at the end of every summer, I start wondering about all the new Fall styles. What will they be and will they be cute on me? So, for this week's tip, I figured I would give a few pieces of advice with your own "back to school" shopping.

1. Don't wear frumpy clothes to try to hide your "problem" areas. I don't care how big you are - baggy, frumpy clothes are not flattering. Never. They make you look bigger than you are, and don't highlight any of your features. They just hide you...and if I can be so bold....they make you want to hide. Remember that YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that you can be confident about who you are. You don't have to be a size 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 - whatever that "perfect" size for you would be - to be cute. You are! So don't HIDE! (Now, I'm the first to put on a sweatshirt at home and snuggle up, so don't take this out of context! I'm talking about when you're wanting to look cute!)

2. Don't get clothes that are too tight, just to fit into a size __ (you fill in the blank)! Just get what fits the best. Not clothes that squeeze you so much that your belly makes a "muffin top" (as my sis likes to say) or that your button down is almost popping the buttons off! Get things that will hold you in, but not that say, "I'm still trying to fit into those jeans I wore when I was 20." Just go get a pair that look great on you now! Our bodies change, and they're supposed to!

3. Keep your basics. You can have your regular jeans, if you don't like the skinny ones, you don't have to wear them! You can have your favorite sweaters and shirts that you look forward to wearing every Fall. It's ok to keep your style the same. But, what makes your wardrobe a little more fun are the little pops you put with it. Maybe it's a pair of cute flats from Target (which by the way are on sale right now). Or some big earrings to dangle. Or maybe some "I've got great boots" boots to wear with a skirt - just make sure you can walk in them. Try to challenge yourself with finding a little flare to add into your day. Just a little. It's really fun...just wait and see!

4. My stepmom always used to say to me, "If you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it." Now I realize, sometimes with bodies changing, and going through fashion trends, you are going to keep things a little longer. Or just for sentimental reasons. But I do think she had a valid point. If there are things that you just pass by, season after season, and you really don't ever "choose" to put on your body, than just give them away. I love going through my closet every season and making a big pile of clothes to go to Goodwill. It feels so freeing to make space, and get rid of clutter! plus, you're making room for that new tunic you've had your eye on!

5. Go by the clearance rack at places like Kohls, Target, or Old Navy and I bet you you can find a cute something(s) to add into your mix. Clothes stores always get new seasons of clothes in before that season. So, you might find a couple new shirts that are Fall friendly, but not at the $$$ price of the brand new ones there. But that are still recent.

Ok, I'm not going to go on any longer. For one reason, I haven't done the dishes or the laundry. But for another, I want to see the last night of these cutie pies having fun.

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