Saturday, September 13, 2008

Little Dolls

When I was a little girl, I dressed up everything that I could get my hands on.    I really didn't like "playing" with dolls, but I loved dressing them up.    Changing their outfits and making new ones.   And just giving them different looks.    I had a whole wardrobe of doll clothes.   When I got tired of dressing my dolls, I would try dressing my stuffed animals...and my real animals, like my cat, Smokey.   Smokey wasn't a big fan of looking like a doll.   I thought he looked cute, though.    All this to say, I've always loved playing dress up.

Friday, while Asher was napping, River and Maddie decided to play dress up.    Well, I should say, River decided.    I just got Maddie all ready to join in the fun.

Pretty cute, huh?   Maddie obliges me some days when I want her to try on a new tutu or dress that I've made (to size it), but then she doesn't really want to take it off.   Like River, she really loves being a little doll.   River never minded me dressing her up, or trying something on her.   She's always loved dress up, and always loved being a girly girl.    Not that all girls are supposed to be like that, it just makes it really fun for me!    I remember when she was only a couple weeks old, just HAVING to try on her first bathing suit, that her "Aunt" Kari had gotten her.   She was super cute in it, of course.    And she didn't have a choice about it then.   But, maybe I brainwashed her early enough to get her to love it.    So even though Maddie's not mine, just by default of spending her days over here, she gets me doing things like putting in this little pony tail.   That TEENY TINY little pony tail.   I wish I had the picture in the computer of when I first could put River's hair in pig tails.   Much like Maddie, she had a mullet for the longest time.   So, when it was finally long enough to do girly things with it, I LOVED it!     And she didn't ever mind.   Which is really fun because now I get to do things like this.

that was her last first day of preschool

And Asher lets me do cute hats with him.   Oh, the best of both worlds, I tell ya!   Ok, off to fold the laundry.   Exciting stuff around here, I tell ya!    Oh, but just in case you were wondering, YES the pirates played today and YES THE PIRATES BEAT TULANE by scoring a touchdown with 2 min. left in the game!!    Go ECU!    Look out Wolfpack!!!!     


Emilie Nichole said...

I have a couple photos of when my daughter dressed up my SON as a fairy princess... oh the blackmail ;)

The SITS Girls said...

Adorable pictures!

kelly said...

i think the mullet ponytail should be your next "secrets..." installment. everyone needs a good mulletail to go with their skinny jeans, right? thanks for sharing the pictures! madison has such fun times at the L School!

Jenny said...

haha! that ponytail makes me laugh out loud. i love that river and maddie love dressing up together. what a sweet post! thanks for including maddie...the auntie really appreciates it. :)