Sunday, September 21, 2008

Projects of the Weekend

Ok, so a survey is too much work for you, huh? Well, instead of taking a survey, I'll thrill you with before and after pictures...because I don't have too much else to say right now. My brain is mainly on house these days.

Randy and I have been slowly trying to update our house little by little. Along with the things in our house. This is our main "living room" where we are most of the time. The kids play in here, watch shows in here, color, etc. But I've never wanted any area of my house to feel like a playroom. So, I like being able to hide things away in bins and drawers, and have a spot for everything. It gets tricky with not much closet space. Every piece of furniture ends up having a storage function. So anyway, I love this wall in here, but the windows are kind of odd, and figuring out how I wanted to cover them has been a little challenging. I really love having the natural light, but we also wanted something to cover the wall of windows. So here's when I just had some fabric tacked up at the top.

And here's with fabric and trim. During the day, I can still open them, but at night we don't feel like we're on display for all to see.

here's close up

And then, we've been wanting to paint our mismatched dining room chairs all black, so I've been working on that a little, too. So, everywhere I go people look at my black fingers from the spray paint leaking all over my fingers. But I like them a lot more black.

Hopefully, I'll have more enlightening things to say soon. :)


Kendra said...

The windows look great! It's hard to dress awkward windows, but you did a great job!!

ainsley said...

The chairs look great black - good call! I didn't know there was a survey... I'll check it out.=)

Caroline said...

I can't believe I haven't been to this cute abode. Your windows look good and I love the black chairs. You're just so thrifty and crafty...and cool. I love you!