Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the start of fall

my daughter asked me the other day which day was the start of fall. i hadn’t even realized it, but that day was the first day of fall. and the last couple days it has truly felt like the beginning of fall. today i got to take the babies outside just for a little playtime and it made me remember even more why i love the start of fall.

i love having to grab a jacket.

i love seeing my cute little boy in a hooded sweatshirt.

i love not having to swat at mosquitos the entire time we’re outside, no matter how much bug spray you put on.

i love being able to stay outside long enough for me to type a post, without sweating all over the computer.

i love hearing the leaves rustle in the wind

i love that the sun is shining just enough to make me feel warm all over.

i love seeing hints of red in the leaves that are just starting to change color

i love seeing less bugs and more birds.

i love hearing geese overhead flying south for the winter.

i love that my dog will lie at my feet without scratching fleas incessantly.

i love having to sip my coffee to stay warm.

i love having a leaf fall on my keypad as if to say, “Hello, there! Just passing through.”

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