Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Need Your Help Giveaway!!

Ok, so here's the deal.    I'm having some shows this fall and going to be putting money down upfront rather than taking specific orders.   But because I'm ridiculous and am scared that I'll pick all the wrong things and then no one will buy any of them, I can't decide which things will be the most enticing.    I want people to be able to shop and get there, and get it all wrapped up, instead of having to place orders.   But here's my dilemma.    I want to make sure that what I get is going to be wanted.    I mean no one likes to sit around and not be chosen.

So, for your help, I'm going to do a drawing for a free $25 gift certificate to Rekoncile Design.   Here's how you enter.

Go to our store site.
Find your top 3 favorite things.
Comment here and tell me what they are, which will enter you in the contest.
Link back on your site, and get entered twice.

Sound like a good deal?    For about 5 min. of your time, I'd sure like to have $25 for Christmas shopping!   Hurry, because I only have a few days before I'm making my next order.   I'll choose the winner Monday, the 29th.   Godspeed!!


justin smith said...

wow. target audience here. but don't think that I'm above a $25 gift certificate.

1) shell jewelry
2) Tutu
3) The half Apron (not for me, I promise)
4) farmer's table

And can you speed the website up? It seems to take a while to navigate? Or maybe that's my newly downgraded internets.

do I win if I am the only guy to respond (go google reader!)

ElleBee said...

You have so much cute stuff in your shop! My FOUR items are the monogrammed floral tote, the cross necklace and earrings, the sideways monogrammed ring, the large beaded hoops, and the brown & white dot duffle. I'll definitely link you!

silverhartgirl said...

You have alot of cute things.
1. Blue Toile Apron
2. Fashion Twist Set
3. I love the Cross Set necklace.

quitecontrary1977 said...

1.) B&W cosmetic bag
2.) personalized headband
3.) market shopper
$.) striped hairbow.
Love your shop!

Mabry's Gamma said...


Your shop has so many wonderful things to choose...gee...I guess for me I would be interested in
1. sterling silver jewelry - you have a variety of pieces which is nice and they go with jeans to dress
2. tote bags - variety of uses there
3. house accessories - love the market basket

If your husband was going to put in any wood working I would suggest a small farm table or something someone could put in their foyer/bathroom/mudroom. Tables there are always good ideas I think.

Good luck and I will link you to my blog. Check it out.


jennifer said...

Lots of great stuff. I love the farmers table, bow holders, cross necklace set, and quilted tote bags.

Betsy said...

I love the items that you sell in your store. My top three picks would be:
1) Sheet jewlery
2)brown polka dot travel bag
3) aprons


ainsley said...

1. Farmers Table - you know that, girl!
2. Shell jewelry
3. Totes w/monograms

Darlene said...

Hi Melissa,

I came over here from Mabry's Gamma blog.

You have cute things in your shop and my answers are different than everyone else's
1. birdhouses
2. painted signs
3. seasonal mantlepieces, garlands & topiaries

But, if you will have a monograming machine there to custom monogram, I think any of the things you monogram on the spot would be great! At our huge craft show in OKC all of the booth's that are doing monograming right on the spot are always busy.

Anonymous said...

1. MARKET BASKET..I love these and you could even just monogram ONE initial (popular ones like, M, A, W, C, K) or MERRY CHRISTMAS
2.Taggie Pillows (great price and everyone knows someone who has a baby or is having one)
3. Head bands (very popular right now)
4. LOVE THE TUTUS as well. Everyone mother wants her daughter to stand out in dance class and a unique tutu is the ticket!

Heather Adams

Anonymous said...

I like anything that has the ability to personalized. I like the keychain that can be engraved, the travel bag (brown and white polka dots) and the laptop bag. I also LOVE the farmer's table.

Emilie Nichole said...

Okay I have been totally drooling over your table anyway so

#2 - Taggie Pillow for baby, I made my daughter a taggie blanket and she always had her little fingers in those silky ribbon loops!
#3 - The quilted totes! I want one as a diaper bag, a travel bag, a purse.... :)

Great giveaway! And I need to get started on Christmas!

Nichole said...

1) Shell Jewelry (yellow, green and natural)
2)Necklace MS4047
3) Fashion Cuff watch W48+w43

Cute stuff!

Nichole Patino

Sandy Toes said...

I love your stuff...
1. Large tote bag
2. Lime market bag
3. Lime shell set jewerly

I love things cute!!!
-Sandy Toes

Chief Homestic Engineer said...

1. Blue quilted cooler bag with brown polka dot trim. SO cute and functional!

2. Brown Market Tote. Again I LOVE that it's chic and useful.

3. Lime Green Shell Bracelet. I have the PERFECT dress for this bracelet.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Ok- I am loving your store! I love everything monogrammed! Your travel bags (esp. pink with brown polka dots) are darling, the aprons (esp. the blue toile) are amazingly cute, the tutus would be so cute on my daughter and so would the headbands. CuTE! Lori

heather said...

What great things! I came from Musings of a Working Diva and love the:
1. Headbands, for my daughter with long hair.
2. Aprons! Sigh, I heart aprons.
3. The monogrammed kitchen towels. I'm a sucker for those!

Linked to you; I'm in GA where people are suckers for anything monogrammed, I think it's in their DNA!

micaela6955 said...

Ok, I love craft fairs and shows. And I tend to look for the vendors that have something cute for the kids and also something nice for the moms. I can't afford to spend a fortune, so love the stuff in the $10-20 range as I usually buy from several vendors during my visit. What I am liking from your site is the following:

1. The hot pink shell jewelry set. (and others like it) I see where you can also have initials etched onto the necklaces. You might want to bring one to show, perhaps you can get some special orders that way.
2. The backpacks. My daughter would love one of those wonderful pink creations, and I also think the baseballs one for boys is cute too. Again, since they can be personalized, you might want to bring a sample one just in case.
3. I love the bottle cap necklaces. I would get one of those for my daughter that day for sure, since it is an unusual item and she would love one of those.
Best of luck to you!

sherri said...

Hi Melissa!
Great idea! I love the hot pink, floral backpack, the silver hooop earrings and the cute market totes! HOPE I win!

Anonymous said...

Only three things? Oh wow... I love so much!

Okay my fav things (my 11 year old daughter helped me choose btw)

1)Brown Market Tote (with hot pink lettering.. of course)
2)Pink laptop bag
3) Quilted Hot Pink Backpack

Lots of cute stuff. But something is making the site REALLY slow. Not sure what you can do about that?

kamewh said...

My favorite things are:

1) Funky Circle Tote
2) Farmer's Table
3) Brown/Pink Tote

A lot of cute things!!

millie smith said...

ok, so it cracks me up that my husband was the first to respond. funny boy. can't you picture him in the tutu and shell jewelry? ;)

i love so much stuff but my top picks include:
1) bags...brown white dot duffle, large or small travel bag, pink brown overnight bag
3) half aprons

(i know, so he knows me well I guess since he picked mostly the same things...i do also love the shell jewelry, the ribbons and bows hairbow holder, and the market totes!)

Amy Sasser said...

Hey friend!

1) Tutu (they are precious). Once Anna is into dress up we will for sure be ordering one of these. :)
2) Brown luggage with polka dots, which you know as Anna already has two pieces monogrammed.
3) Market tote
4) Also love the creative way you have River's hair bows. I had not seen that!

Amy said...

All of your items are SO cute!!

If I had to only pick 3, I think I'd go with

1.) Cooler (insulated) bag in turquoise
2.) Large square earrings
3.) Large Pink and brown tote

Your shop is wonderful! :) I'll post a link on my blog!

Rhonda in OK said...

only 3 top things? your stuff is great!

1. Wooden Circle Set necklace

2.Turquoise Bead with Dark Brown Shell necklace with white polka dot watch

Judy said...

Only three? Dang!

I'd take some baby stuff (people are ALWAYS looking for baby stuff) - like the paci sets and holders and/or burp cloths. Also, your memory boards are good for ANY occasion and age. And, those market totes - they are AWESOME.

Of course, a few purses would be good too, wanna borrow mine? Nah, I use it ALL THE TIME! (thank you!)

Karen P said...

Hi -

I love these things

1-Brown White Dot Sm Travel Bag
2-Market Tote
3-Black/White Large Totes