Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Secrets of a Sassy Mama

If someone asked me what accessory I wear the most, or what accessory could I not do without, I would definitely say... my big hoop earrings. I love my hoops. I wear them with anything. T-shirts...check. Dresses...check. Fancy pants...check. Tunics....check. Bathing suit...check. You're laughing, I know. I could go on and on.

A couple of years ago when I saw them having a come back, I got a couple pairs. Most of them on the smaller side. And over the past couple years, I've gotten a couple more pairs, and they just keep getting bigger and bigger. I love my big hoops the best, but any of them are fun. And not just circular hoops. Square ones are great, too, or oval hoops. They are so classic. And pretty. They're not overwhelming with bling, but just enough to be noticed. I feel like they are the must-have accessory.

And let me tell you - you can pull off bigger than you think. If a quarter size is what you feel comfortable with, go with that. But next time, maybe you'll get a little bit bigger. I like to get the ones that have like 3 sizes in one pack. So you can start small and get bigger as you go. Or for some outfits, you want small hoops. They're really great, too. You just can't go wrong people! You do have to warm up to the big ones, but I think they're super fun.

Is their an accessory that you can't live without? Do tell!!!


Judy said...

I adore my silver hoops, too! They're great!

My other accessory is part of my "uniform" - my preschool teacher outfitting. I wear the same pair of HUGE CZ studs each day I teach. They don't hang on anything and if something happens to them, oh well!

On school days, those studs are the only jewelry I wear...sad, huh?

Karen P said...

You make me want to pierce my ears!

Ainsley said...

I wear silver hoops every day, and I wear them with everything, too. Sometimes, they're all I need to feel pretty - shower or not. They're great!

Jenny said...

i agree! i need to get some more...they really do go with every outfit, and i especially love how you can pull them off with a tee and jeans and feel a little more feminine. :o)
give the kiddos kisses for me!

melissa said...

so well said, girls! i'm glad you all understand how a pair of earrings can give you just the lift that you need. ;)

and karen, my sister has recently been wanting the same thing! you've never had them pierced?

Nan said...

So, yesterday, per Manly Man's request, I wore my big hoop earrings...he loves them! I came around the corner and Jonathan said "Wow Mommy, you look beautiful! I love your rings!" I decided to put them on again today, and I think I like them too! They do take it up a notch don't them?