Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just One of those Mornings

Last night before we went to sleep, Randy and I talked about getting up early enough to have some coffee and pray together before the kids woke up.   It sounded so nice to think about having a little bit of time to connect with each other and the Lord before the day got rolling.

At 7:30 when our little girl woke us up by coming in to say 'good morning', I knew it wasn't going to be the way we talked about.

At 7:45 when I said I would play babies for a second, I knew I would regret saying yes later.  Not to mention, cleaning up a bit of mouse poop on the toy chest.   Great, we have mice.

At 8:15 when we were sitting down to eat pancakes, as yummy as they were, I knew we were going to be late.

At 8:30 when I pulled the covers up on our bed and saw a flea on the sheets (ok, in my head it goes like this, "saw a FLEA ON MY SHEETS!!!"), it just added to the frustration.

At 8:45 when I was trying to find raincoats because of the downpour outside, I was beginning to say things like, "We CAN'T have pancakes on weekday mornings!"

At 8:52 when we were running out the door, I heard my phone ringing, and didn't have time to stop and say, "I'm so sorry we're running late", but I did yell to my poor husband, "MOVE YOUR CAR, it's behind mine!!!"

At 9:00 I was calling him back to say I was sorry for being so rude and I wasn't trying to blame him, but I just "HATE the stress of always running behind!   We've GOT TO CHANGE something or I'm gonna go CRAZY!"    River says from the backseat, "Mommy, you don't have to say, 'hate'."   It was a lot better than the words I wanted to use, but I just kept my mouth shut.

And at 9:05 when we arrived 15 minutes late in the pouring down rain, I knew I was going to need a boost for the rest of the day to have any kind of redemption.

So, I drove all the way across town, in the rain (have I said it was raining, yet?) to the drive through Starbucks, with the two babies in the backseat.   I hadn't ever had one of these, but I knew that it was what I wanted.    And boy did it do the trick.   The only problem was that I didn't get a grande.    

As I drove home in the rain, I knew that my little bit of a horrible day wasn't really that bad, in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes it's nice to know that a warm cozy drink and a couple minutes of rainy day music can turn your day around.


Nan said...

AMEN!!! I am running into the same sort of stuff with getting school started.

Amy Sasser said...

We were running late today too ...to bad our paths didn't cross in the parking lot! Maybe Thursday. I also had to apologize to Kevin this morning. Poor Randy, poor Kevin they live with some feisty women. :)

Emilie Nichole said...

Pumpkin Spice can fix ANYTHING! ;)

Karen P said...

Hey girl,

We have those 9am phone calls too. We also decided a couple years ago that pancakes were actually a dinner food. We have a drive-thru Starbucks about 1.5 miles away - too much temptation - but some days you just gotta do it!

Jodie Allen said...

i had one of those days yesterday too and in all honesty, it was the sweet and amazing comments from my fellow bloggers that really helped turn it around!

just know you're not alone in these mommyhood moments b/c that really made me feel better yesterday... remembering that I wasn't the only one having a not-so-hot day!

And here's to a better (and drier) tomorrow!

melissa said...

thanks, friends. it's so good to know that i'm not the only one going "crazy". ;)

jodie, i was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you and the little ones are doing!

Lu said...

oh how i can relate!!!