Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Secrets...A Coat of a Different Color

Everywhere you look these days, color is making more of an entrance to our wardrobes. Not only in cute shirts, but in accessories, too. Instead of just choosing from black, white, brown, and gray, now we have every color of the rainbow to choose our shoes, coats, jewelry, and bags. Which brings me to my secret of the week.

Choose a Coat of a Different Color!!

A few of my girlfriends gave me a great red pea coat for my birthday last year, and even if I'm wearing a t-shirt underneath, with my red coat, jeans, and hoop earrings, I feel cute. I love it. Of course I do - it's red. Look how pretty these are...

Now, let me just say, I'm not saying to go buy one and go into debt just to look more stylish. I am NEVER saying that. But, if you're in the market for a new coat, you should definitely go with a color or pattern!!

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Lu said...

I had actually thought of being different this year and getting a white or red coat instead of my usual blue or black. I desperately need a coat this year- after two babies just can't fit into the old one- thanks for the post!