Monday, September 08, 2008

It's Happening....

At bedtime tonight while my son was laughing about burping and then saying "Cuse me" over and over again (how in the WORLD do boys pick up on that so early???), my daughter, 4, asked me how babies come out of Mommies.

Wow.   I mean, I knew it would happen soon, I just wasn't expecting it this soon.    

I said, "Wow, River, that's a big question."

Her reply was..."Do they break out of their tummies?"

"No, Mommies have to push them out."

"From where?"

"Well, they have to push them out of their bottoms."   (I know this is kind of a cop out.  Because I didn't want to get too explicit.   "Bottom" is a more general term for that region.)

She giggled and then said, "Oh....(pause)...How do the doctors push them out?"

"The mommies push the babies out.    Not the doctors.   The doctors help pull the babies out as they are coming out."

"Oh.  Did you have to push with your hands?"

"No, with my tummy muscles and my bottom muscles."    (clear enough, right?)

Giggling again, "I bet you were tired!"

"Yeah, I was."    sighing and remembering very clearly how exhausted I felt.

Randy chimed in, with, "Yeah, Mommy was pretty remarkable!"   (that's always fun to hear again.)

Anyway, I'm sure many questions will ensue, so if you've done this before and you have good advice, BRING IT ON!!!     I'm just waiting for....

"Mommy, where do babies come from?" 

Duh duh duh duhhhhhhh!     

I'm sure I'll do exactly what my mother did.   March myself down to the library and check out Where Do Babies Come From, and read it slowly with her.     I'd rather her understand it clearly from me, than overhearing weird different explanations from other kids.     It's just all happening soooooo fast!!!    


Amy Sasser said...

Fun times! Just remember it all so when we get there you can let me know how to go about it all. :)

My √úberjoy.... said...

Oh yes, Marschall has asked me too. He was satisfied with hearing that mommies push them out and some how I said the could be taken out by the doctor with surgery. So now when he sees someone pregnant he will say is she going to push him or will they cut him out? nice....

ainsley said...

I think you did great. I'll be looking to other moms for help when it comes for "the talk." Thank goodness there's always someone who's been there done that!

emily said...

The girls have asked me the same question...funny how they ask how the baby comes out. They haven't asked where they COME FROM yet, though. Thank the Lord.