Wednesday, September 17, 2008


These boots were made for walking!!! I know probably most of you have a pair, so bring them out!! Wear them with skirts or dresses. Wear them with pants tucked in. Wear them with boot cut pants or jeans. JUST WEAR THEM!

Boots are probably my favorite fall shoes. You can wear them so many different ways, with so many different things! And you can usually get a good pair from anywhere from $30 - $50 and sometimes you can get them on sale where if you buy one pair, you can get the second pair for 1/2 off. Now if you're going designer, you can bet they'll be more. If you want designer, but not designer price, try somewhere like this haven and try to get a better price.

I bought a cute pair for only $25 on our anniversary trip, and am wearing them for the first time today. I'm so happy. My feet are so happy. They're cute, but they're so comfy!

Ok, so if you've never bought a pair, or its time for a new pair, here are my tidbits of advice for picking some out.

1. Choose a neutral color that would go with most things you wear (brown, tan, black, gray)

2. Spend time in the store walking, running, etc. to make sure they don't rub too much anyone place. If you can feel them a lot in one area in the store, you can bet that you'll have a blister in that same place after a day of being in them. (i.e. if you can tell they're hitting your big toe and rubbing a little bit, they'll rub a lot more later)

3. Get a height that you feel comfortable walking in. If they're so tall that you feel like you're going to be wobbly, wait and get less of a heel. A medium size (2 inch) chunky heel is the most comfortable and gives you the most variety. You don't look quite as dressy in them, but they still go well with skirts, and you're not balancing on a pin top all day. There are also a ton of flat boots, rain boots, and Hunters that look great with skirts and dress pants. So, if you use to ride, pull those old riding boots out, and shine them up!

4. Pay enough that you know they are going to be quality, but don't spend a fortune. My boots that I got are a really nice name brand of shoe, but they were just on a great sale. Originally, they were around $70 I think. But I wouldn't have paid that, just because I'm a cheapskate. But for $25 I adore them. My point...try to get a good pair...on sale. Don't just go and get the first pair you find at Payless - not that I'm knocking Payless. I just know how much I wear my boots. You want to be able to wear them all the time, and still have them look great.

5. You can't go wrong with style right now. From riding boots to pointy toe high heel boots, they're in. From cowboy to city girl, they're in. From short to high, they're in. From wide at the top to tight at the top, they're in. From slouchy to fitted on your calf, they're in.

6. Get a pair that you can wear under or over pants. Not ones that are so bunchy and wide that they make your pants bubble up when you wear them under your pants. But ones that are too tight don't allow you the option of tucking pants in.

7. Get some that are stylish and classy, but not so trendy that you won't like them next year. For instance, these are all hot off the runway, but, I don't think that they'll last more than a couple seasons.

So, go try some on, pick you a pair, and have fun kicking up your heels!


Kari said...

Oh my gosh. Sometimes I wonder how we are friends. I am not tucking my jeans into my boots. hehehe.

melissa said...

i knew it. uhhh, what am i gonna do with you. ;)

Mom in High Heels said...

OMG, one of my favorite things about fall and winter is that I can wear my boots! I love me some boots. I have about....8 pair. Maybe more. Actually, it is more, because I recently found a pair of high heeled Timberlands! Can you believe it? They are amazing. I buy most of my boots at TJMaxx or Marshalls. Last year TJM had a pair of stiletto Via Spiga ankle boots that I coveted. Seriously, I would go to the store just to look at them. They were originally $325! TJM had them for $180. Too high for me. I waited and watched and every week they dropped in price. I prayed no one would by my size. Finally, the day after Thanksgiving I went to check on them and they were $90 AND 50% off! I got them for $45. Man do I love those boots! I'm going to have to do a boot post.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your style tips. Fight the frumpies!

Lauren and Justin said...

the last boots you have pictured - the merrells - are fab.u.lous. i bought them last year and love them. this year my fave boots will be flat riding boots with SKINNY JEANS TUCKED IN and some sweater uggs that i found on sale!

glad you are fashion conscious - so much of the blog world isn't!